Friday, July 8, 2011

today : mixed feelings

went shopping with my family yay!!!! super love it  kyakyakya XDDDDD
bought some things for baking ... yes. i love to bake ^^ hehehe... chocolate cake is waiting for me tomorrow ... i'll post up the pic later .

꿈 a.k.a dream 

what is your dream ? have you ever fulfill it? or have it ever getting fulfilled?
for me, my dream is impossible to be completed ... i dream of to be a singer one day but it seems impossible right now... i love singing... people said that believe in your dream cuz nobody will but for my case no matter i get a hold of it, it seems too far away for me to reached it... but it doesn't make me weak cuz i believe everything that happened has its own reason so i had another dream ; to be an engineer. i believe if i strive hard to get it then someday i will be able to get it... i love math and physics ... i love to solve the problems while holding the calculator ... so cool kekekeke

anyeong ~~

p/s: my mind just stuck right now.. so no more to drop for today ... till we met again, bye!!!! 

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