Saturday, August 20, 2011

rainy days

its raining outside *stares at the window* while putting on beast-on rainy day into my playlist.... sudden thought rushed through my mind .... "this week has been a though week for me" .... if i can scream my lungs out, surely i do it but thinking of being strong despite to cry and whine over something i'll resist's no use to just sit there and whining for the harm that already been done .... it's much more better to get up from your sit and try to solve it ...

this heart keeps praying to God for Him to let this heart to be strong than ever ....

"rainy day holds a thousand stories behind it"

i've been liking rainy days since i was a kid.. i love all about it ... the smell, the sound, and of course the feelings .... i always believe that on every rainy days there will be a person who is crying soundly or secretly like me ... to hear the rain sounds keep falling on the rooftop it really soothes me .... rainy day too brings a lot of memories in my life ... but today the rain that falls seems to comfort me over the problems that haunting me for about a week...thanks God. 

the rain had stopped... now i can only see sunshine ahead of me... good day has come to me :)

p/s: melancholic post  

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